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Jumbo Sea Scallops - Sushi-Grade/Dry Packed (U-10s)

✅ Dry-packed sea scallops, never treated with preservatives.
✅ Sushi grade quality.
✅ Wild-harvested in George's Bank.
✅ Shipped from Portland, ME.
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Our commitment to quality and freshness means that we meticulously pack and prepare every order on the day of shipping. We ship from our location on Holyoke Wharf in Portland, Maine's historic Working Waterfront (416 Commercial St, Holyoke Wharf, Portland, ME).

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We have two different grades of sea scallops at SoPo Seafood, U-10s and 10/20s. This is simply a measurement of size. U-10s equals 10 scallops or less per pound and U-20s equals 20 scallops or less per pound.

We take the time to carefully hand-grade our sea scallops. We check for consistent high-quality and size. Our Jumbo Sea Scallops are a U-10 size. They are nice, big, and succulent with a very impressive plate appeal. 

We recommend giving these scallops just a light sear on both sides. 

Our jumbo sea scallops are available to buy online for next-day shipping.

To avoid the need for presevatives, these scallops were flash-frozen at sea immediately after being shucked on the boat by the fishermen. They will arrive thawed and ready to eat - they are premium/sushi-grade quality.

SoPo Sea Scallops on a dish at Union Restaurant in Portland, Maine. Charred Napa Cabbage • Bok Choy • Smoked Tomato Curry • Crispy Lap Cheong

Please note: We pack and prepare all orders the day of shipping to ensure quality and freshness.

Sea Scallops quick facts

- Hand-packed and shipped from Maine
- Sustainable fishery
- Sear, stir-fry, chowder

Sea Scallop Recipes

  • Seared Scallops with Hackleback Caviar

    Sea scallops seared in butter is near the top of our list for the best-ever seafood recipe of all time.

  • Sea Scallop Crudo with Seaweed Salad

    Gulf of Maine scallops are so buttery and unbelievably fresh, sometimes it is criminal to cook them.

  • Pan-Seared Scallop with Grapefruit

    Bright flavors with delicous buttery scallops - this is a fun and tasty recipe.