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The mission of SoPo Seafood is to connect retailers with high-quality, sustainable Maine seafood. Below you can view our list of fresh scallops and local Maine oysters. Buy oysters and scallops online and have them delivered to your door.

We offer local delivery in Greater Portland, Maine, local curbside pickup, and overnight shipping across the United States.

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That's our SoPo Guarantee. 

Nonesuch Abigail Pearl Maine Oysters

12+ count bag

$20.00 / 12 count bag

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John's River Maine Oysters

12+ count bag

$20.00 / per bag

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How to Shuck an Oyster Tutorial

Learn how to shuck an oyster safely like a pro

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Oyster Shucking Kit

1 high-quality shucking knife & pair of gloves


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Oyster Shucking Knife

Sold by the each


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Oyster Shucking Glove

Sold by the each


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Client Testimonials 

"The past 10 years working with Matt Brown (Founder of SoPo Seafood) has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and passion for what he represents with the seafood he sells is a step above. The drive to learn more in the fish world is what sets him apart from everyone else. His familiarity with the product is unmatched by most. He’s always exceeded expectations and readily available with any questions or inquiries."

Chef Darren Kelley

Executive Chef of the Union Bluff Hotel, York, ME

"Matt (Founder of SoPo Seafood) has been the ultimate professional for the past 10 years of my career. He's become more than just a rep. He's a friend that I can trust when I need seafood sourced quickly."

Chef Tony Messina

Executive Chef & Partner of UNI Boston, Boston, MA

"I have been doing business with Matt Brown for over ten years. The seafood business is all about relationships. Matt has earned my trust over the years by providing the most pristine product coupled with excellent service. I trust his judgment with all things seafood. I will always rely on Matt to help me provide the best possible seafood to our costumers at a fair price"

Chef Joe Schafer 

Owner & Chef of Eventide Oyster Company & Hugo's, Portland, ME

"It's been a real pleasure working with Matt and Lucas (Founder's of SoPo Seafood) over the years. They're a pair of well-informed, easy going guys who really know their fish. I look forward to great things from Sopo!"

Chef Mike Wiley

Owner & Chef of Eventide Oyster Company & Hugo's, Portland, ME