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"I have been doing business with Matt Brown (Owner of SoPo Seafood) for over ten years. The seafood business is all about relationships. Matt has earned my trust over the years by providing the most pristine product coupled with excellent service. I trust his judgement with all things seafood.

I will always rely on Matt to help me provide the best possible seafood to our costumers at a fair price"

Chef Joe Schafer

Executive Chef of Earth at Hidden Pond, Kennebunkport, ME

SoPo Seafood owner and founder Matt Brown

Wholesale Seafood 

If you are a restaurant or professional chef seeking a trustworthy seafood purveyor that focuses on sustainable, high-quality product, you have come to the right place.

At SoPo, we offer a range of seafood, including fresh fish such as Gulf of Maine Cod, Monk, Hake, and shellfish such as Maine Oysters, Scallops, and Lobster. Check out our product page to learn more.

Interested in learning more about what seafood we offer, call or text Matt at 207-671-1591 or email him at

From the Maine Coast to your Kitchen

SoPo's mission is to connect professional chefs, restaurants, and retailers with the highest-quality local and sustainable Maine seafood available. To make this happen, we work closely with local seafood producers up and down the Maine Coast.

Learn more about who we are here.

First-Class Service

When you choose SoPo for your fresh seafood needs, you are choosing a local, small business that views you as a partner, not a customer. We want to help you achieve your goals in your restaurant by securing exactly what you need for fresh seafood and delivering it directly to your kitchen. 

Shipping your order with SoPo

SoPo Seafood is based in southern Maine and, if possible, we will deliver directly to your restaurant/location on our trucks. If we cannot deliver to your restaurant or location on our trucks we will ship your order via UPS/FedEx overnight delivery.

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