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Gulf of Maine Conservas Bluefin Tuna - SOLD OUT


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This tinned tuna is nothing like what you would find at the grocery store. This is Gulf of Maine Bluefin Tuna that has been lovingly hand-packed and produced using high-quality olive oil.

Great care is taken to ensure the distinctive flavor of this special fish is conveyed by preserving and canning it in olive oil, inspired by the Mediterranean style.

Atlantic bluefin is the only tuna that forage in the Gulf of Maine. Unlike other canned tuna, bluefin take on fat as they consume herring and mackerel in the cold waters in the Gulf of Maine, making this tuna especially rich and delicious.

The Story

The Gulf of Maine Bluefin Tuna used to make this canned delicacy are caught via rod and reel, always one fish at a time. They are caught by local New England fisherman, Keper, who is dedicated to the sustainability of the bluefin tuna fishery and serves on the Board of Directors of The American Bluefin Tuna Association.

There are endless ways to enjoy tinned bluefin - from tapas to nicoise to potato chip topper. 

Our Gulf of Maine Bluefin Tins are available in 6.5 oz tins.

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Tinned Maine Bluefin Tuna quick facts

- Caught in the Gulf of Maine by rod and reel
- Tinned and produced by hand
- Salads, tapas, seacuterie board

Tinned Bluefin Tuna

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