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We are no longer using the Home Delivery Ordering Form to take orders for local delivery and curbside pickup in Greater Portland. All orders can now be placed directly on our website. You can now add products to your cart and select local delivery or curbside pickup at the cart stage. 

Please call us at (877) 282-7676 or email sales@soposeafood.com if you have any questions. 

We are offering local home delivery to Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Cape Elizabeth, Falmouth, and Kennebunkport. Our local delivery days will be on Thursday and Friday. 

Place your order with us today and we will pack it and deliver it to your doorstep. We will text you when your order has arrived. 

Where and when we deliver

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Product List (Regularly Updated)

Fresh Caught Gulf of Maine Fish

This premium quality fresh fish is caught by fishermen in the Gulf of Maine. Their catch will be available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery only

We will be listing their catch below shortly, please check back.

SpeciesPriceAvailability / Order Minimum
Fresh Cod Fillet   - Skin-off $15.95 /lb2 lbs - 
 Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 
Fresh Flounder Fillet  - (2-4 ounces each)$21.95 /lb1 lb - 
Currently Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 

Sole  - Skin-off, 2-4 oz Fillets$21.95 /lb1 lb - 
Currently Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 

Pollock  - Skin-off, 2-3 lb Fillets$10.95 /lb2 lbs - 
Currently Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 

Hake  - 1-2 lb Loins$10.95 /lb1 lb - 
Currently Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 

Monkfish - 1-2 lb Loins$9.95 /lb2 lbs
Currently Only Available for Tuesday 5/5 delivery 

Salmon, Haddock, Tuna

SpeciesPriceMinimum Order
Fresh Local Haddock - Skin-off Fillet $9.95 /lb
1 lb
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillet
$13.95 /lb 
1 lb
Hawaiian Ahi Tuna - #1 Grade
$24.95 /lb
Wild Sockeye Salmon - 6 oz Frozen Cryovac portions
$17.50 /lb1 lb
= 3 portions approx.

Scallops, Shrimp, Oysters

SpeciesPriceMinimum Order
Fresh Sea Scallops$19.50 /lb
1 Lb
Abigail Pearl Oysters (Scarborough, Maine)
$18.00 / dozen
12 each bag 

Maine Crab & Lobster

SpeciesPriceMinimum Order
Fresh Maine Lobster Meat - 1 lb bags
(Cooked, tail, claw, knuckle) 
$39.50 /lb
1 lb bag
Maine Crabmeat 8 oz cup$15.00 each
1 cup
Twin Lobster Tails - Frozen, RAW  
$19.95 ea
7.5 oz pack 
RAW Lobster Meat (Claw/Knuckle) - Ready to cook

Frozen, Cold-cracked
$35.00 /lb1 lb bag 
Maine Lobster Meat (Cooked) - 2 Lb Bag

Flash Frozen, cooked
$74.00 each2 lb bag 

Smoked Maine Seafood

SpeciesPriceMinimum Order
Classic Cold Smoked Sliced Salmon - 4 ounce pack$9.95 per pack
1 pack
Classic Cold Smoked Sliced Salmon - 2.5 lb avg. sides$65.00 approx. each 
1 each
Smoked Bay Scallops - 6 ounce pack 
$10.50 per pack
1 pack
Smoked Maine Mussels - 6 ounce pack 
$10.50 per pack1 pack
Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon (Unsliced)

Packs are .5 to .75 lbs
$20.00 per pack approx.1 pack

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To those of you out there who have expressed interest in buying and wearing our SoPo Seafood hats, now you can! We are offering three different designs for sale. They are $20 each and we are donating $1 of every hat sale to local food charity Full Plates Full Potential.

To order, write SoPo Seafood Hat 1, 2, or 3 on our order form.

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(877) 282-7676

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