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Sea Urchin Roe (Sushi-Grade Uni) 2.8 Oz Tray - Season Closed

✅ Maine Sea Urchin season is open from September to March. In April, the Urchins are then sourced from Canada.
✅ Grade A + Sushi-Quality.
✅ Preservative free.
✅ Processed by hand in Portland, Maine.
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Our commitment to quality and freshness means that we meticulously pack and prepare every order on the day of shipping. We ship from our location on Holyoke Wharf in Portland, Maine's historic Working Waterfront (416 Commercial St, Holyoke Wharf, Portland, ME).

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Water Packed Uni - Preservative Free

Our fresh uni is packed in a salt-water brine which means zero added preservatives or hardening agents. When you receive your uni, slowly drain the water off and enjoy.

Another added benefit of shipping uni in salt water is that it ships much more securely. In our experience, shipping uni on wooden trays get easily bashed and broken.

The uni we offer at SoPo is the highest grade quality available from our processor - Grade A.

Processed in Maine

Our Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) is harvested primarily by divers along the coast of Maine. The urchins are then processed by hand in Portland (on the wharf next door to us). Once processed, the delicate lobes of uni are packed in a salt-water brine. This brine avoids the need for preservatives and hardening agents!

Read more about how our uni is processed here.

Maine Sea Urchin Season

The Maine urchin season runs from September through to March, with a peak during the winter.

When the Maine season finishes, sea urchins are then sourced from Canada for the month of April.

What does Uni taste like?

This is a very common question. High-quality, fresh Sea Urchin Roe harvested in Maine should have a buttery, sweet, and fresh flavor. You will get some hints of ocean brininess but nothing that could be considered overpowering.


Google Review: "We ordered some caviar, uni, and oysters for New Years and were *very* pleased. The quality was incredible. The packaging kept everything safe, secure, and cool for shipping." - Betsy H 

To get Sea Urchin Roe (AKA Uni), Sea Urchins are cut and processed by hand. This delicate process yields beautiful quality fresh uni. The fresh uni is then packed in salt water. Packing Uni in salt water is great because it avoids the need for preservatives or hardening agents.

Once the salt water is drained off, which will take one or two minutes, the uni will be 100% ready to eat and enjoy.

We offer a 5.3 OZ tray and a 2.8 OZ tray of ocean fresh uni. Click here for our 5.3 OZ size tray.

Maine Uni Recipes

  • Maine Uni and Tuna Poke Tostadas 

    We created some delicious Maine Uni and Tuna Poke Tostadas for a delicious showcase of sweet, spicy, and umami flavors.

  • Maine Uni and Bluefin Tuna Urchin Bites

    We love a dish with a play on aesthetics. Our Maine Uni and Bluefin Tuna Urchin Bites uses a thinly sliced sheet of nori to create the appearance of the spines of a sea urchin.

  • Maine Uni Butter Pasta

    Beautifully sweet and oozing with brine, uni (aka sea urchin roe) is a delicacy begging to be incorporated into your dinner routine.