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North Haven Maine Oysters (North Haven, ME)


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Recently featured on Gordon Ramsey's TV show Uncharted.

North Haven Oyster Company was started by Adam Campbell in 1999. Currently, Adam and his son Zebadiah run the farm together, along with the help of many family and friends.

Above photo: Gordon Ramsey (Right), Adam Campbell (Center), Zeb Campbell (Left). Photo by National Geographic.

The farm is located on the island of North Haven, Maine at the head of a tidal inlet in Pulpit Harbor. The oysters are rushed over with saltwater on a coming tide and Brackishwater on a going.

The North Haven's are known for their emerald green color, delightful earthy flavor, and a deep full cup. These Maine oysters are bottom grown on the ocean floor, as opposed to top-grown in cages.

North Haven Oysters

**Please Note: Oyster Availability/Substitutes**

If your chosen oyster farm is unavailable at the time of shipping, we will select a substitute oyster for you. That substitute oyster will be as close to your chosen oyster as possible in size, location grown, and flavor. If the oyster farm you select is particularly important to you, please leave a note for us in the comments. The note can read (Please let me know if “insert oyster farm” is unavailable). If we see this note and the oyster you have selected is unavailable, we will contact you to discuss options. Options may include a refund or changing the shipping day (to a day when the farm has dropped off more of their oysters at our facility).

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Please note: We pack and prepare all orders the day of shipping to ensure quality and freshness.

North Haven Maine oysters quick info

- Sourced directly from local Maine oyster farm, North Haven Oysters of North Haven, Maine
- Grown in cold-nutrient rich waters
- Sustainably harvested
- Shipped from Maine
- Shuck, grill, or roast

How to Shuck an Oyster

Learn how to safely shuck an oyster like a pro with our how to shuck an oyster video tutorial. This video tutorial is given by co-owner of SoPo Seafood, Lucas Myers. 

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