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Mother’s Day Maine Seafood Kit (Limited Edition)


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Your mom deserves the whole ocean this Mother’s Day. So why not swap out that box of chocolates for something more premium? A delicious sea-lection of seafood from Maine. 

This Mother’s Day, we’re partnering with our friends at Seafood from Maine to gift moms everywhere their favorite seasonal treats: fresh and ready-to-eat Maine seafood.

Surprise your mom with lobster tail, crab meat, oysters, littleneck clams, and seaweed—ready for you to wrap up in a bow like an actual box of chocolates.

Limited Edition for Mother's Day

Your Mother’s Day gift can be shipped anywhere in the country or picked up at our Biddeford, Maine location. Shipping orders will be packaged for overnight next-day delivery. Orders can be placed right now, we only have a limited number of these unique gifts available, so don't hesitate.

Included in the Mother’s Day Maine Seafood Kit: (all seafood for this kit has been harvested and processed in Maine)

 1 Lobster Tail
 8 Littleneck Clams 
 6 Oysters 
 1 Jar of Atlantic Sea Farms’ Fermented Seaweed Salad
 1 8-oz cup of Maine Crab
 A Seafood Information Card
 A Mother's Day presentation box (pictured)
 A tray for ice

 Ribbon for the finishing touch

Above photo by Erin Alvarez

Putting Together Your Maine Seafood Kit 

This gift is a real catch. We’re sending you everything you need to wrap mom’s special gift—just add ice! Here’s how you put it together:

1. Prep the seafood according to handling instructions (below).
2. Assemble the bottom half of the box. 
3. Lay the tray flat at the bottom.
4. Place crushed ice on the tray.
5. Style a sea-lection of bite-sized seafood according to the image above, or use your own imagination.
6. Cover the box and wrap with ribbon.

Handle Maine Seafood Like a Pro

Handling—and cooking with—seafood isn’t as intimidating as it looks. Just follow these quick tips to make this the best Mother’s Day gift ever!

Be careful when handling seafood. It’s fragile and perishable!
Keep seafood refrigerated when you’re not ready to cook or eat. It will stay good for up to 3 days.
Lobster tails will be frozen and raw, so defrost overnight in the fridge before cooking. Learn our favorite way to prepare and cook lobster tails here.
There are many ways to prepare oysters, chances are you’ll have to learn how to shuck them (we have a shucking guide that you can follow)
Clams should be steamed
Crab is pre-cooked—so dive in!
Atlantic Sea Farms Fermented Seaweed Salad is ready to enjoy.

Enjoy—and happy Mother’s Day!

Above photo by Erin Alvarez

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