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Sushi-Grade Mackerel (Currently Unavailable)
Sushi-Grade Mackerel (Currently Unavailable)

Sushi-Grade Mackerel (Currently Unavailable)

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Product Description 

Our Mackerel are caught by local fishermen in the Gulf of Maine. Once caught, they are harvested via the Japanese method of Ike Jime (活け締め). This technique is regarded as one of the most humane ways of harvesting fish. 

The Ike Jime Technique

Ike Jime takes a lot of extra time for the fishermen, but the technique yields are a far superior product and is much more humane for the fish. During the Ike Jime process, the fish are immediately spiked, which instantly kills them - limiting the suffering of the fish.

The difference in quality between a fish that has been Ike Jimed and one that has not been is vast. When a fish is not spiked, it produces lactic acid and ammonia, which naturally negatively impact the flavor. Ike Jime also helps remove the blood from the meat of the fish, helping to produce a much more flavorful fillet with a far greater shelf-life. 


Our mackerel are flash-frozen and Cryovaced. There are 2 head-on fish in a bag. The fish weighs approx 1.5 lb together.

Ike-Jime Maine Mackerel quick facts 

- Wild-caught in the Gulf of Maine 
- Flash-frozen and cryovaced
- Sushi-grade quality
- Harvested via Ike Jime (活け締め)

Please note: We pack and prepare all orders the day of shipping to ensure quality and freshness. 

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"What can I say about Matt Brown and the crew at SoPo Seafood. They are just great at what they do. The company in general just seems to understand customer service and puts forward the effort to make sure that you get what you need when you need it. They will do whatever they have to ensure satisfaction. The seafood has been great time and time again. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone that wants quality fresh seafood at a fair price."

Brian - Windham, Maine

"I started using SoPo Seafood during the pandemic because I couldn't resist the opportunity of receiving fresh local seafood delivered to my door. I was not disappointed! The service has been outstanding, the fish is so fresh and delicious, and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend them!"

Jody - Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"I have been ordering regularly from SoPo Seafood for a couple of months now. I LOVE this service. The product is top notch, the communication great and delivery as promised. Providing my family with the freshest seafood while supporting a small business and our local fishing industry is a Win-Win in my book. If you haven't already, give them a won't be disappointed.
Lisa E...SoPo resident

Lisa - South Portland, Maine

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