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Maine Bluefin Tuna TORO (Belly) - SOLD OUT


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Our commitment to quality and freshness means that we meticulously pack and prepare every order on the day of shipping. We ship from our location on Holyoke Wharf in Portland, Maine's historic Working Waterfront (416 Commercial St, Holyoke Wharf, Portland, ME).

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SEASONAL NOTICE (Updated 12/6): (Updated 12/6): The Maine Bluefin Tuna season is coming to an end. The order deadline for Bluefin this year is 12/10 with the last delivery dates avaliable 12/12, 12/13, and 12/14. This late season tuna is super fatty!

The Maine Bluefin season is quota-based. Each month, from June through to December, Maine fishermen can catch a certain number of fish (this number varies). Once the quota for the month has been caught, the fishery closes until the next month. As the season progresses, the number of fish available to be caught is limited. We will likely only have Maine bluefin available in the first week of October and November, respectively.

The Toro is the fatty belly part of the Bluefin Tuna. The toro is highly sought-after and is typically used in sushi or sashimi.

If you are looking for our regular sushi-grade Bluefin Loin (Steaks), click here

We process our toro meticulously by hand at our facility on Portland, Maine's working waterfront. This cutting and trimming process ensures you will receive a gorgeous and cleaned-up piece of sushi-grade quality Toro. 

We do NOT freeze our Bluefin Toro; this fish is cut from locally caught Maine Bluefin tuna and processed/shipped fresh to your door

Because we are dealing with freshly caught local Maine tuna, the fat content can vary from fish to fish. No two fish are the same. The time of year the Tuna is caught plays a role in how fatty the fish is. For example, earlier in the Maine season, July/August, the Bluefin are typically on the leaner side. As we move into the Fall, the tuna have had the full summer to fatten up on bait fish. It is in the Fall when we see the fattiest Toro/Bluefin/Tuna of the year.

We offer .5 lb pieces of 100% usable, delicious sushi-grade toro for overnight delivery. On each piece of toro, we will do our best to cut and send you the fattiest/most desirable piece we can.

Our toro is in very limited quantities. 

Please note: We pack and prepare all orders the day of shipping to ensure quality and freshness.

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