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Cedar Planks for Grilling (Made in Maine) - SOLD OUT


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The wood that is used for this cooking plank is eastern white cedar. The wood is hand-harvested and processed in Maine. Kosher Certified. 

•  Environmentally friendly, harvested locally
•  Traditional cedar shingles for authenticity

•  The flavor of Maine for grilling meat and fish

Important: When cooking with cedar planks, make sure you soak them in water for about 1 hour before placing them on the grill or in the stove. If you properly soak the planks before grilling, cook over indirect heat and properly wash them, you will probably get 3-4 uses per board before you need to discard them. The boards will inevitably char enough that they will no longer impart their cedar flavor.

Available as one pack of 2 planks. Planks are 7" to 11" wide and 15" long. 

Cedar Plank with Fresh Atlantic Salmon Recipe

No summer cook-out is complete without testing a cedar plank recipe. Perhaps the most classic and delicious ingredient to prepare a la cedar plank is a hearty piece of Atlantic Salmon. As the planks get hot, they impart a very subtle smoky perfume. The planks act as their own flavor, and there really is no substitute for it. The planks also make it unbelievably easy to transfer the fish off the grill. It keeps everything intact, and the fish can be served directly on the planks. 

Check out our Sesame Ginger Cedar Plank Salmon with Quick-Pickled Cucumbers here. Recipe and photos by SoPo's Jacqueline Clark, AKA the Briny Babe.

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