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Wet Smack Maine Oysters (Freeport, ME) - Currently Unavailable

✅ Oysters farmed in the cold nutrient rich waters of Maine.
✅ Great source of zinc, iron, and selenium.
✅ Sourced directly from the oyster farm.
✅ Oysters ship whole/live.
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How to Shuck an Oyster

Learn how to shuck an oyster safely like a pro with our How to Shuck an Oyster Video Tutorial. This video tutorial is given by the co-owner of SoPo Seafood, Lucas Myers.

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We offer Oyster Shucking Kits here. The shucking kit includes a high-quality shucking knife and a pair of puncture-resistant gloves.

Oyster Availability/Substitutes

If your chosen oyster farm is unavailable at the time of shipping, we will select a substitute oyster for you. That substitute oyster will be as close to your chosen oyster as possible in size, location grown, and flavor. If the oyster farm you select is particularly important to you, please leave a note for us in the comments. The note can read (Please let me know if “insert oyster farm” is unavailable). If we see this note and the oyster you have selected is unavailable, we will contact you to discuss options. Options may include a refund or changing the shipping day (to a day when the farm has dropped off more of their oysters at our facility).

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“The best I've ever had! Every flavor you want in an oyster and balanced perfectly. Salty, sweet, briny. Freaking perfect!” - Whitney B. Chef at Gather. Yarmouth, ME

Wet Smacks are grown in the cool and clean waters of Recompense Cove in Freeport, Maine. Through an innovative yet simple process of monitoring and attention to detail, local oyster farm Maine Ocean Farms are able to consistently produce a very unique, plump, and delicious oyster.

Wet Smacks are fat, firm and every shell is chock full of delicious meat. You can expect a salty and sweet flavor with a pleasing crisp finish with these oysters. They are on the smaller side for a Maine Eastern Oyster, between 2” - 2 ¾”.

SoPo Visits Maine Ocean Farms

We had the honor of joining the Maine Ocean Farms team recently to see behind the scenes of their incredible oyster farming operation. We learned about how the oysters are farmed and carefully graded, we took a bunch of photos, and learned about how they came to make their eco-friendly oyster bags. Click here to read more!

Wet Smack Oysters are available to buy online for overnight shipping to your door.

Why are they called "Wet Smacks?"

The following excerpt is taken from the Maine Ocean Farms website:

"The first Wet Smacks were sailing vessels with holes drilled below the waterline of the fish hold, allowing sea water to flow through keeping fresh seafood alive and in prime condition for market. In the 1830s, Mainer’s began to use Wet Smacks to transport live lobster to Boston and New York. Marking the beginning of Maine’s commercial lobster industry."

Sourced directly from local Maine oyster farm, Maine Ocean Farms of Freeport.