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Fresh Gulf of Maine Monkfish Fillet

✅ Fresh, never frozen Monkfish Fillet.
✅ Wild-caught in the Gulf of Maine.
✅ Premium quality local fish.
✅ Shipped from our Portland, Maine Wharf location to your door.
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Our commitment to quality and freshness means that we meticulously pack and prepare every order on the day of shipping. We ship from our location on Holyoke Wharf in Portland, Maine's historic Working Waterfront (416 Commercial St, Holyoke Wharf, Portland, ME).

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Give your family the gift of a gourmet seafood dinner with our locally caught, sustainably sourced Monkfish fillets. Our fresh, never-frozen Monkfish deliver a taste of the New England shores to your kitchen.

  • Wild caught in the pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine by local fishermen.
  • Thick, meaty texture with a sweet, mild flavor and firm white flesh.
  • Versatile fish that adapts well to a variety of cooking methods like baking, broiling, grilling, or sautéing.

The sweet, mild taste of monkfish makes it an incredibly versatile fish that works well in everything from seafood stews and tacos to fancy fish entrees. The thick, meaty fillets hold up beautifully to a variety of cooking methods, ensuring a tender fish that melts in your mouth.

We receive the Monkfish fresh out of the water and then cut/trim the fish into ready-to-cook fillets. 

Our team cuts and prepares the monkfish for you before shipping so you receive a beautiful piece of fish. This is a top-quality local option that we are proud to offer at SoPo. 

Gulf of Maine Monkfish in Thai Green Curry

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy our fresh Monkfish? Give our Monkfish Curry recipe a try; you won't regret it! 

Often called “the poor man’s lobster,” monkfish is known for its tight, meaty white flesh. Monkfish is not only similar to lobster in texture, but also in flavor. It has a mild, sweet flavor without a trace of fishiness. Basically, in any recipe that calls for lobster, you can easily substitute monkfish, for a fraction of the price.