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Osetra Caviar


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Our commitment to quality and freshness means that we meticulously pack and prepare every order on the day of shipping. We ship from our location on Holyoke Wharf in Portland, Maine's historic Working Waterfront (416 Commercial St, Holyoke Wharf, Portland, ME).

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Caviar Storage Guide

How to store and care for your caviar order

Upon receiving your caviar, promptly place the jar or tin directly into your refrigerator. The coldest section of your fridge is recommended. Aim for an optimal temperature range of 28-30 F for storing caviar. 

It is important to avoid freezing caviar as it can negatively alter the texture and taste of the eggs. 

Caviar opened vs unopened

When your caviar is delivered, it will come vacuum-sealed. During storage, it is recommended to place the sealed caviar in the coldest section of your refrigerator for a period of up to 6 weeks. 

Once you pop open your jar or tin of caviar, remember to finish it within a span of 3 days. After opening, ensure that the lid is tightly closed, wrap the container in plastic, and store it in the refrigerator. 


Highly sought-after, the Osetra sturgeon produces a firm creamy caviar with a nutty finish. This classic caviar is high-quality and can be enjoyed on its own with just a mother-of-pearl spoon. Another simple way to enjoy this favorite is with a small dollop of crème fraiche and a blini. 

Our Osetra Caviar is available to buy online for overnight delivery to your door. 

We also stock our caviar at the SoPo Seafood Market and Raw Bar.

The "Russian Sturgeon" or the "Caspian Sea" Sturgeon? 

You will sometimes see Osetra Caviar called Russian Osetra or Caspian Sea Osetra online. Whenever you read the word Russian with caviar, you should be wary. Importing caviar from Russia is illegal in the United States, so you will never find a legitimate source of “Russian Caviar” in a US seafood market.

The reason you see the terms “Russian Osetra” or “Caspian Sea Osetra” is because that is where the fish was originally wild-caught. Nowadays, Osetra sturgeon are farmed all over the world. Italy, Belgium, France, and the USA are all now caviar-producing countries.

When wild-sturgeon caviar was banned in the mid-2000s, the quality of farmed substitutes was not comparable in quality. This is no longer the case. Many caviar experts say that with improvements in farming technology and knowledge, caviar farms across the world are producing caviar that is equally as delicious as wild-caught fish.

Osetra Sturgeon Caviar Quick Facts

•   Species: Osetra Sturgeon (Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii)
•   Origin: Imported
•   Color: Light bronze to amber
•   Flavor: Rich and creamy with a clean finish
•   Pearl Size: Medium 
•   Texture: Firm
•   Sustainably harvested

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