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Restaurant Spotlight: The Knotted Apron

by SoPo Seafood co-owner Joshua Edgcombe  - May 17, 2023

Cured Salmon Recipe

The Knotted Apron (located in the heart of Rosemont in Portland, Maine) holds a special place in our hearts at SoPo Seafood. They, like us, opened their doors in early 2020, not knowing what was right around the corner waiting for them. They were one of the first restaurants to take a chance on our wholesale service and seafood, which we are forever grateful for. And we are proud to say that we are still servicing their seafood needs three years on. 
The Knotted Apron is co-owned and operated by Chef Ryan Hickman and restaurant manager Kate Harvey (pictured together). Before opening The Knotted Apron, Chef Ryan’s impressive career has seen him train under Chef Larry Matthew Jr of Back Bay Grill, eventually becoming the sous chef, he’s spent time exploring the farm-to-table movement in California, and he helped open and helm the kitchen at Pine Point Grill in Scarborough – bringing seasonal menus and culinary expertise to an area not known for its dining. 

Curing Atlantic Salmon on Baking Tray

With decades of industry experience under her belt in serving/bartending/and restaurant management, Kate provides the perfect balance and partnership to the Knotted Apron ownership: matching superb food with a wonderful front-of-house experience. 

Curing Atlantic Salmon on Baking Tray

On the menu currently, you can find our fresh-picked Maine crab meat and Atlantic salmon. Both dishes are pictured ibelow, and both were delicious when we tried them. You can enjoy this food inside the beautifully decorated indoor dining area or on the patio.

Curing Atlantic Salmon on Baking TrayCuring Atlantic Salmon on Baking TrayCuring Atlantic Salmon on Baking TrayCuring Atlantic Salmon on Baking TrayCuring Atlantic Salmon on Baking Tray

If you live in the Greater Portland area or are traveling to Maine this summer, get these guys on your list of places to visit; you will have no regrets!

Photos above by SoPo co-owner Joshua Edgcombe.

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