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Fresh Fish, Shellfish, & Specialty Seafood

SoPo Seafood is a one stop seafood shop for chefs and restaurants seeking top quality sustainable product at competitive prices. If you are interested in setting up an account with us call/text (207) 671-1591 or email

Fresh Fish from the Gulf of Maine

We have partnered with Gulf of Maine Sashimi, a new seafood company that works directly with Maine fishermen to increase the quality of their catch and the price they can get for it. The fish we offer from GoMS are slaughtered on the boat by the fishermen, bled, and then chilled in a saltwater ice slurry. This superior practice yields a product that not only tastes better but lasts longer too.

Species we offer that are caught in the Gulf of Maine include:

Haddock - Monkfish - Redfish - Cod - Pollock - Grey Sole

Maine Shellfish Aquaculture - Oysters, Mussels, Kelp

Maine's aquaculture industry is thriving, with approximately 200 farms located on the coast. These aquafarms provide around 700 Mainers with year round work - that number swells in the busy summer months. These jobs are particularly critical to (often isolated) coastal communities.

The really exciting thing about the Oyster, Mussel, and Kelp operations is that they actually improve the quality of the water in which they are farmed - making them a top-notch sustainable choice. 

As many of you already know, the quality and flavor of the shellfish/kelp produced in Maine is second to none. If you are interested in learning more about what aquafarms we are working with right now, or you are a farm that has a great quality product, reach out to us now at

Lobster and Crab Meat

You cannot be a Maine seafood company and not offer delicious lobster and crab. Right now, due to availability, we offer quick frozen picked lobster and crab meat. We will be offering live lobsters and fresh lobster meat in the future.

Currently, our Lobster is being provided to us by Ready Seafood based in Portland and Saco Maine.

SoPo Caviar - Produced and Packed in the USA

SoPo's owners have accumulated decades of experience within the caviar industry. We know what good caviar is, and we know where good caviar comes from.

We are choosing to support American produced caviar - that is caviar and roe that has been caught or farm-raised in the USA. The vast majority of caviar sold in the United States is imported from China and Europe – we want to see (and help) the caviar industry in this country grow to the point where the majority of caviar sold in the USA is produced here also.

There are some fantastic and delicious options for caviar that we offer at SoPo:

White Sturgeon – Hackleback – Spoonbill – Golden Whitefish – Salmon Roe – Bowfin