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How to Store & Serve Caviar 

Our guide to caviar storage with some tips on how to serve and enjoy

How to store and care for your caviar order

If you have just received your order of caviar and you are not sure what to do with it, do not worry, we have got you covered!

Caviar is highly perishable, so the first thing you should do is put the jar or tin straight into refrigeration. The coldest part of your fridge is ideal. Approximately 28-30 F is the optimal temperature for caviar storage. 

Please note, you should not put your caviar in the freezer. When caviar is frozen it negatively affects the egg's texture and flavor profile. 

Caviar opened vs unopened

When you receive your caviar it is vacuum sealed. While it is sealed the caviar can be stored in the coldest part of your fridge for up to 6 weeks

Once you open your jar or tin of caviar you must consume it within 3 days. Once opened, you should replace the lid of the jar/tin, wrap in plastic, and return the caviar to the fridge. 

Serving caviar

When you are ready to serve your caviar you should take the tin/jar out of the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for around 10 minutes. 

You are now ready to open the caviar tin. Depending on your set up, you can either place the open jar on ice or place your caviar in a glass bowl/caviar presenter. 

Spoons & caviar accompaniments 

It is a long standing myth that caviar reacts negatively with a metal spoon. While it might be a myth, using a mother of pearl spoon to serve and eat your caviar with can add to the overall experience and indulgence.

How you eat your caviar can be dependent on which caviar you have purchased. For example, fine sturgeon caviar such as the famed Osetra Sturgeon can be enjoyed with just a mother of pearl spoon and some great champagne. The smooth and nutty flavors, typical of the "Russian" Osetra, are enough to provide a mouth-watering experience.

Blinis and a small amount of creme fraiche are a great accompaniment to caviar. This is a classic way to serve and enjoy the delicacy.

The fun thing about caviar is there is no one way to enjoy it! For example, stronger flavored caviar such as Hackleback or Spoonbill can be enjoyed with unsalted potato chips. 

Buy caviar online

If you are interested in buying caviar online from SoPo Seafood but you have some questions, please feel free to call us at (877) 282-7676. We are always more than happy to help. 

At SoPO we offer 6 different varieties of caviar that have been produced and packed in the United States:

White Sturgeon
Salmon Roe