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Recipe: Sautéed Barramundi with Lemon Caper Butter Sauce

by SoPo Seafood's Jacqueline Clark AKA the Briny Babe - March 30, 2022

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Barramundi are native to the waters of northern Australia and Southeast Asia. The fish is revered for its sweet, buttery flavor profile, and succulent, meaty texture. The skin of the Barramundi is edible, and crisps up nicely. The Barramundi’s mid-oil content level lends itself to a multitude of preparations. We love this simple, yet delicious lemon caper butter Barramundi, as it allows the natural sweetness of the Barramundi to shine.  
Because Barramundi can reach a market size of 1.5- 2lbs. in less than a year, it is well-suited for aquaculture. Farmed barramundi is a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to grouper, snapper, and halibut that is available year round with the leading aquaculture producers based in Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand. 
We are lucky to have access to some delicious farmed Barramundi from Great Falls Aquaculture, located in Turner Falls, Massachusetts. Great Falls Aquaculture is one of the largest and longest running commercial recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in the United States. The focus is to provide a cleaner premium fish in a more environmentally friendly manner using our proprietary state-of-the art technology. Great Falls’ systems are designed to mimic the natural environment in a manner that is less stressful to the fish while promoting excellent growth. 

Sautéed Barramundi Recipe Video

• Prep Time: 10 minutes 
• Cook Time: 20 minutes 
• Total Time: 30 minutes 
• Servings: 2 
• For the Barramundi: 
o 8 oz Barramundi fillet 
o 2 tsp olive oil 
o 4 TBSP unsalted butter 
o 1 garlic clove, minced 
o ¼ cup lemon juice 
o 1 TBSP capers, drained 
o 5 basil leaves, minced 
o 1 tsp salt, to taste 
• For the Potatoes: 
o ½ pound baby Yukon gold potatoes 
o 1 small yellow onion, sliced finely 
o 1 tsp rosemary, chopped 
o 1 tsp thyme 
o 1 tsp salt 
o 1 tsp pepper 
o 2 TBSP olive oil 
• For the Asparagus: 
o 10 stalks of asparagus, halved lengthwise 


1. Prepare the Potatoes: Scrub the baby Yukon potatoes. Cut into three to four slices lengthwise so that each slice is roughly 1/8th inch thick. Thinly slice a small, yellow onion. In a medium bowl, combine the potatoes, onion, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper. Drizzle in the olive oil. Toss thoroughly. The potato mixture can either be baked at 400°F for 15-20 minutes, turning once throughout the cooking process. Or the potato mixture can be placed in an air fryer for 10-12 minutes, turning once throughout the cooking process. 
2. The Asparagus: Bring a medium pot of water to a rolling boil. Add in 1 tsp of sea salt, and reduce heat to medium. Add in sliced asparagus, and boil for 5 to 7 minutes until asparagus is tender, but not mushy. Using tongs, remove asparagus from boiling water, and submerge briefly in ice water. Remove asparagus from ice water, and set aside. 
3. The Lemon Butter Caper Sauce: Heat a small saucepan over medium heat. Gently sauté the minced garlic in butter for roughly 2 minutes, until fragrant and golden. Next, stir in the lemon juice, the capers, and 3/4th of the basil. Add salt to taste. Remove from heat and set aside. 
4. Prepare the Barramundi: Pat the Barramundi fillets dry with a paper towel. Coat both sides with olive oil. Lightly sprinkle with salt. 5. The Sauté: Heat a medium frying pan on medium-high heat. Add in 2 TBSP olive oil. Place the Barramundi in the pan, skin-side down. Pan fry for 3-4 minutes. The edges of the Barramundi should turn golden brown. Flip and cook the other side 1-2 more minutes, or until the fish is cooked throughout. 
6. Service: Scoop potato and onion mixture onto the base of a plate. Add in the asparagus. Top with a fillet of Barramundi. Spoon the lemon caper butter sauce over the Barramundi, and sprinkle the remaining basil on top.

Buy Fresh Barramundi Fillet Online

This recipe was created using SoPo Seafood's fresh New England Barramundi Fillet. Our Barramundi are available to purchase online for overnight delivery to your door or for pick up at our retail fish market in South Portland. 

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